Winter Wahoo Fishing

The early bird gets the worm! If you're offshore extremely early in the morning, you can get double or triple headers right out of the hole on the Wahoo. After you miss one or two though, they smarten up and get a severe case of lockjaw. It's then time to hit another rig.

With all the boating pressure that these shallow rigs see, it's just a matter of time before you can only pull one Wahoo off this rig, one Wahoo off another rig rather of cleaning house at one rig. The key to pulling the baits is to be on the up-current side of the rig and having the correct baits in the water.

We have had great success with the Bomber Lures/Baits. We have found lots of juvenile king mackerels in the bellies of the fish we have caught, and Bomber Lures resemble the way bait fish swim through the water. From Captain Troy's diving experience, he has observed Wahoo holding and suspended at depths from 50 to 80 feet just off of the corners of the rigs. With that being said, the preferred line to us is Power Pro Braided Line because many anglers, particularly first-timers, get hooked up to a big fish, which wraps up the line in the props. Unlike Mono Line that pops as soon as it hits the bottom of your boat or the motors, Power Pro just tangles up and can be unwrapped from the wheels with a little time and patience. Its durability is just unrivaled.

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